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  • Jim BeamDouble OakDirector : Lance Kelleher
  • ConverseGuitarDirector : Snorri Sturluson
  • US CellularThe Future of GoodDirector : Nathan Laver
  • Kentucky LotteryBusDirector : Jonathan Bekemeier
  • World's Best Cat LitterDaydreamingDirector : Jonathan Bekemeier
  • SantanderIce BlockDirector : Matt Donaldson
  • Neighborhood Health PlanTime to TellDirector : Christian Hoagland
  • CDPHPAshleyDirector : Jonathan Bekemeier
  • Comcast XfinitySign My Tweet w. NPHDirector : Other
  • John McGuire GuitarsJohn McGuire GuitarsDirector : McFarland And Pecci
  • TomTomObstaclesDirector : Other
  • HannafordAnthemDirector : Nathan Laver
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Welcome to Redtree Productions. We are a unique collective of friends that share a deep rooted professional history as producers of film and digital media.

We are vested in the success of our clients' vision and committed to realizing the full creative potential of each project regardless of scope.

It is exhilarating when great work takes shape. When a story and creative vision are enabled to come alive.

That is why for 20 years we have been passionately determined to produce consistent award winning work. We enjoy and savor the process. The challenges, the fun, the adventure, the stories and, of course, the people who remain friends for a lifetime.

Again, welcome to Redtree. Check us out.

RJ began his career in film production in New York City. Working on projects ranging from HBO comedy specials to Broadway shows. As a line producer RJ worked on global campaigns for clients such as VW, Royal Caribbean, McDonald's, Fidelity, AT&T, Disney, Parker Brothers, HSBC, GM, Canon, Coke, MCI, and others.

In 1992, he founded Redtree Productions with the vision of a company whose only mandate is providing unwavering support to the creative process. Since then, though Redtree has grown with directors in Boston, NY, LA and London, our philosophy remains the same and our existence and growth is fueled only by our clients and the quality of our work.

RJ is a member of the DGA & AICP.

Working on good work, with good people, and doing my part to make it better. That’s my aim, and I’ve done pretty well sticking to it.

I got my start with Redtree in 2000, and along the way have had the opportunity to work on a large range of projects for clients big and small, local and global. I approach work with a background in film production, but relish the “figuring it out” with my clients. Discovering the best approach, and making it all come together.

I find that whether it’s broadcast, interactive or digital, the end goal is usually the same. Finding a way to tell an engaging story that an audience will react to. That and working with clients, to produce the best work possible.

And there’s always the want to give back. To do more than just sell. In the fall of 2014, I created, produced and directed the #IAMTSC campaign for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. The celebrity driven PSA / Web campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for those with this terrible rare disease. Again, it’s about working on good work, with good people… and in this case, trying to make peoples lives a little better.

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661 Boylston Street - 4th Floor Boston, MA 02116 TEL : 617-859-7322
contact info for redtree boston
New York, NY 10010 TEL : 800-237-6886